Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Standartization of SAT and GRE Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Standartization of SAT and GRE - experiment ExampleThe biasness of the universities associating the piles of such examination in admission procedure are also been analyze over here. Thesis statement The SAT and GRE examinations are biased in their scoring pattern and has undersize effectiveness in determining the performance of the students in colleges imputable to degradation in its standard. Meritocracy in the States and SAT The importance of SAT cannot be overlooked. SAT has established itself as the primary gatekeepers for the entry in university of America. The admissions system in America became more selective because of the increase in the number of applicants every social class and the limited number of seats in American universities. In this environment the importance of SAT cannot be ignored. SAT acts as a mechanism to rank students and allow entry into the universities based on he scores. SAT has been to predict the performance of the students over the years. (Nagasaki , 44) Another important factor which deals with SAT is the benefits associated with it. Sat and coiffe provides the facilities of scholarships. The scholarship is granted to the students based on their bes. Providing of such scholarships facilitates students from economically weak class to peruse their education. oft it was found that meritorious students would stop pursuing higher education due to financial constraint, but the militant examinations helped them a lot by the grant of the scholarships (Wadsworth). SAT and Act acts as the guiding factor to a numerous college and universities all over the United States and the admission procedure is claimed to be followed based on the merit of students. (Sebastian) The meritocracy of America is popular over the decades. However in recent times the model of meritocracy has been in question. The globalisation of the world and the popularity of the education system of America have turned the education system as a medium for grasping mo re economic benefits. The universities have also cited social discrimination against the students of motley races seek an admission in the universities. The origination of SAT happened in the year 1926 as an effort to enable youths from various move of the worlds to attend the universities regardless of their social backgrounds. The idea of nationwide scholarship test was framed by James Bryant Conant. (Toch) However in recent times social factors have taken much signification in the admission criteria. The educational inequality has been a striking factor. Often it is found that meritorious students acclivitous from the lower class in the society are deprived from proper educational facilities and they fail to crop an entry to the graduate schools. The African Americans are found to attend less prestigious schools. These inequalities have disseminate also in the higher education system of the country. Studies reflect that Latin and Americans belonging from the northern parts of the country tend to score lower in their SAT exams in comparison to the Whites. However the battle in SAT scores by them have been claimed to be due to the difference in the take of education they received in their school levels. Whether it is due to the fact of quality of education or due to discrepancy in the SAT scores the effect of the social class on SAT scores cannot be ignored. (Shephard, 347) It is claimed that examinations like SAT and GRE are predictor of family

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