Monday, April 22, 2019

Muhammad and the faith of Islam Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Muhammad and the faith of Islam - Essay ExampleIslam, unlike Christianity which believes in the Holy Trinity (three persons in i God), held the belief in only one God. They criticized Christians as blasphemous and heretics because of their belief in the Holy Trinity. Islam, however, besides teaches salvation, judgment, and heaven. Salvation according to Islam decided upon the hands of their god. Judgment, although cannot be predicted, is absolute to happen. Heaven, for Muslims, is place of joy which Christians criticize to be sensual. Like any other religion, Islam has its own recessrictions that uphold morality and peace. The successful expansion of the Arabs to Southern Europe, Spain, and the rest of the Western world proved how powerful their faith in Allah has become. Their early conquests were laid in Syria, Egypt, and northwesterly Africa. They easily disrupted the powerful Byzantine Empire and eventually conquered their kingdoms. The Arabs continued their successful conqu ests in Spain and move of Asia. Christian kingdoms, meanwhile, moved southward in search of larger lands on which to place their growing population. The sterling(prenominal) contribution of Arabs to their conquered lands was the innovation in agriculture. Like Greeks, Arabs also promoted advances in science, mathematics, and medicine. The advances in learning were promoted in the Arab cities. The Arabs were the first to use the word algebra is a mathematical sense. They also introduced the use of the number zero (0) which made calculations simpler. In the area of medicine, Arab physicians translated numerous medical books of Greek origin and used them in medical practice.

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