Sunday, March 17, 2019

Cultural Diversity in the Armenian Community Essays -- essays research

AbstractThe cultural context for the Armenian person is the result of conserveing and reason a way of sustenance and set that have been maintained for centuries, for by chance two thousand years. For that reason, although Armenians living in the United States today puzzle from a variety of countries of origin, and may to some extent speak assorted dialects or even different languages, yet they have many cultural similarities due to centuries of commonality. The cultural similarities among the Armenians chamberpot be seen mainly in triad different areas Spirituality, historicity, and family. Spirituality refers to the perspective of that which is valued in life, and that which must to be upheld and defended under any and every circumstances, regardless of the social purlieu and adjoin conditions. Historicity refers to that which has been traditionally done, the Armenian way of life, both that which is important and perhaps non as important. Whereas spirituality may refe r to a greater extent to content, the important values in life, historicity refers more to the living process, how the important values in life are attained.Family on the other hand is the everyday living environment within which spirituality and historicity are applied and lived out. Family in the Armenian lodge refers to more than the family of origin or the nuclear family. Instead, it includes both of these along with all of the extended family and even the small surrounding community. These family ties are much more important and influential in the decision making process than would ab initio appear, therefore, they must be acknowledged and understood. All Armenians may not uphold the same spirituality, historicity, and family values, however, they would still approach lifes decisions based on these cultural categories.The Armenians living in the United States, especially those who live in large communities tend to discover opposing trends between the culture in which they wer e brought up, and those of the dominant culture in which they have to live, work, interface, and survive.Working at the Berjikian constabulary FirmVicken Berjikian established the Berjikian law firm in 1983, as a criminal defense and personal injury firm. In the past 17 years the Berjikian Law firm has grown to commence established and considerably known in the Armenian community. The... ...h out and help persons and families. All these spend to better and higher(prenominal) quality, as well as more well-timed services to clients, and a sense of satisfaction for both the client and the professional.The relationship between the Armenian client and the reasoned professional is a labyrinthian one. It is full of issues that go beyond giving them well-grounded advice or register a law suit on their behalf, it includes issues relating to a persons cultural context. In fact, generally the actual legal issues sometimes become secondary, or at least not as central in the persons pr iorities. At the beginning, such a relationship dejection cause great frustration and waste of time in the legal professionals attempt to provide the appropriate service. Eventually, these communication issues can cause delays in providing professional service, and lead to extra unnecessary legal expenses. The correct understanding of a clients cultural line by the legal professional can lead to a higher quality of service, and lower costs. As difficult and complicated as this posture may sound, it is still not impossible. In fact, most experienced professionals make up ones mind over the years to relate to the Armenian culture.

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