Friday, October 4, 2019

Intelligence Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Intelligence - Essay Example Others grow due to a particular issue like lack of social amenities in a specific town or area in this regard the best way to handle this is by solving first the complaints then the cracking of this group will be easier. The factors that make the non-state actors be handling within a particular border depend most on the cause of origin. If is a significant issue that is more deeper like race, religion or even gender then this can cut across borders but if is the provision of resources such as water and food then this is easily handled. The reason why it is good to tackle the main issue is that if the cause of grievance is not understood and the government handles the symptoms then it will only act as a catalyst (Huffman 2014). ii) The reason why the non-state actors have grown is also because the world has become interconnected where different regions or countries heavily depend on each other and through this trade will grow and people will interact and the moment they build relationships they will start sharing their ideologies. In the traditional manner countries independently solved their own actions and did not really depend on anything or anyone (Harris 2013). The example of a Non-state Actor is a group like ISIS where the terror group has infiltrated different countries and to understand their cause they are brought together by the belief. Religion is Key for them and this will not only affect one country but everyone who believes in the said religion. It is good to note that when the issue is more of a mental state then it cuts across borders. Another issue that has made it difficult to tame one non state actor is the technology. With the rise of electronic communication people between different continents can share their agenda and make it easy for them to progress their beliefs. They can always interact on day to day making it easier to plan their next issue of chaos and this

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