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Strategic plan ( Adelphi) Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words

Strategic plan ( Adelphi) - Case Study Example y and type of food available in the cafà ©, complaints about the exposure of goods sold in the bookshop, a continuing deficit brought about by an ambitious and seemingly irrelevant program to which insufficient audience are attracted. Very unfavorable local media comment which has reflected badly on the councilor and the deficit for 2008/2009 was $117,300 although a small $6,540 surplus had been budgeted. The report gives a detail analysis of the prospects that will be used in order to ensure that all these draw backs will be overcome. The $100,000 utilization would also be discussed to ensure that no money is being wasted; and all of it including the earnings from each year is being utilized to the maximum. The condition of the management is almost in ruins; that is why the strategic plan would also give the details of new management requirements and the changes required to ensure that the right team is hired. The following SWOT analysis would give an overview of the Adelphi Art Council; the SWOT analysis would further help us in understanding the core of the problems and the available resources to resolve the issues. It will also help us understand the threats that could affect the plan from being successful (Bohm, 2009). It is a two story building covering an areas of 1500 square meter; the ground floor consists of foyer, box office and performing art theater with a capacity of 700 seats. There is room for small and private shows consisting of 150-200 people; and has other facilities such as meeting room, mezzanine area, cafà ©/bar and a bookshop, it also consist of an exhibition place for about 200 people. The place is also accessible for people with disabilities. The design of the building posed a number of challenges. The initial map of the building was not in accordance to the landscape, for this reason, the building that was erected has a limited capacity for the audiences. Additionally, the unfavorable economic conditions prevailing at that time were

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