Thursday, September 26, 2019

Spring awakening Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Spring awakening - Essay Example This writing compares modern America and the issues faced by the teenagers in Spring Awakening. In Spring awakening the parents and the society at large are not ready to inform their children about the sexual exploration. Parents consider it unethical to discuss issues of sexual relationship with their children. This is really unfortunate since most of the children in the play are starting to experience changes in their bodies. No one is out there to explain to them about these changes. Even the very parents with the responsibility of caring are not giving their children any explanation to the biological changes they experience. The big issue of the play was the challenges the teenagers had due to the societal suppression and fear of discussing sexuality and reproduction. For instance, Wendla who is a teenage school girl is in a big trouble because her mother Bergmann is not comfortable with her daughter’s quick growth. Wendla’s mother is not ready to discuss with Wendla the facts about reproduction and sexuality despite her daughter’s growing curiosity. Martha is also emotionally disturbed by her parents’ continual physical abuse. It is surprising to note that 17-year old Lammermeier does not even have sexual thoughts and even the expulsion of Melchior from school simply because he has knowledge about sex and he is able to express himself in writing. Failure by the society and the parents to discuss sexuality and reproduction in the play makes Wendla conceive Melchior’s child unknowingly and finally dies after unsafe abortion. It is quite sarcastic to find that the same parents who do not want to talk about sex decide to send Melchior to a reformatory because they discover that he got Wendla pregnant. I feel that modern America has actually changed especially the perception of the topic of sexuality and reproduction. By the time I was an adolescent, I had known a lot about this topic. I got the knowledge from the school, media and very many

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