Tuesday, July 23, 2019

The Function of Jesus' Relationship with His Mother in John 2 and 19 Dissertation

The Function of Jesus' Relationship with His Mother in John 2 and 19 - Dissertation Example The common theological idea is that in Jesus, the Word turned into flesh so that the Father will be revealed. Since he is the revealer of the Father and that he brings to life all those who believe in him, Jesus is considered the Redeemer. Redemption occurs through faith in Jesus as the Revealer.3 All other factors involved in the gospel of John are inferior to the Christology. One of these factors is marian theology. Although the mother of Jesus is nameless and secondary, she plays an important role. She is present in the two main scenes of the gospel of John – the wedding at Cana (John 2:1-12), where the Johanine Jesus performed the first miracle in the gospel, and the scene at the foot of the cross (John 19:25-37), the last episode of Jesus’ life on Earth. ... Lee bluntly reveals that in order for the Johanine text to become any powerful than it already is, the symbols contained in the gospel of John should be given importance, be emphasized and brought in the center of the theological discussion. Roadmap This paper is created to show a textual and historical approach in showing the functions and meanings of the relationship of Mary, the mother of Jesus, using the gospel of John, particularly in chapters 2 and 19. This study is divided into six parts. Part I contains the introduction and the roadmap. The introduction will give a brief background of John’s gospel where the mother of Jesus was mentioned and how it will be interpreted by some theologians. It will likewise show a glimpse of what the readers can expect upon digesting the entire content of the paper. The introduction also contains a roadmap of the study where it will be clearly shown what readers can expect to find in each part of the paper. Part II contains accounts of t he relationship between father and son in John. It is necessary to show this to get a better understanding of the relationship between Jesus and his mother. Part two will be further subdivided into three sections giving a more organized and comprehensible presentation. Part III is the main gist of this study. This section contains interpretations, insights and understanding of various theologians, scholars and experts on what the relationship of Jesus and his mother is as presented in the gospel of John. It contains a comprehensive, informative and detailed historical account of what is written in chapter’s 2 and 19 of the gospel of John and what it means in accordance to historical evidences and context and as compared to other

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