Thursday, June 13, 2019

Unequal treatment and payment to women in workplace Essay

Unequal treatment and payment to women in workplace - Essay ExampleWomen atomic number 18 usually born with the responsibility to give birth to attached generation. However, pregnancy is not considered a disability. However, some companies and employers do not accommodate pregnant workers. In the article women still are not equal in workplace, by Tyler Vendetti, Tyler illustrates an incident where a pregnant woman was fired at Walmart for asking for the permission to carry a bottle of water even up after displaying the doctors prescriptionBesides pregnancy, womens ability is not recognized by many organizations. A recent survey depicted that high-potential women are over supervised and under supported relative to their male counterparts. In some companies, women are not allowed to contribute to major decisions. Apparently, this situation makes women work more(prenominal) and contribute less to the companys developmental efforts, which is not fair at all.Although women constitute about half the total labor force in different fields, they receive a low deal when it comes to payment. Men are usually concentrated in high-paying fields such as finance and engineering. In those high-income fields, women take approximately 37%. However, in the low-income fields such as social services, women constitute about 77.3% of labor force. It can be observed that this is some other discrimination in the workplace environment. The society does not believe that women can take an important and hard job such as engineering and finance. Actually, when the companies stick out interviews, they are more likely to hire males in the high paying jobs.

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