Thursday, June 20, 2019

Terrorism Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Terrorism - Case Study Example participant et al. provide a more broad-based definition, saying that act of terrorism is undertaken to influence a government for the purpose of advancing a political, religious or ideological cause. Such act shall be certified as an sour of Terrorism (Player et al, 2002). However, this stance denies that there may be other causes for terrorism (or, in the case of anarchists, no cause at all).Personally, I would propose that Player et al.s definition is acceptable, if it is amended to include more purposes. Terrorism is an abstract nonion to begin with, a non-concrete and non-specific term that expands through the interpretations of various people with differing ideas of adding concreteness to the word. In other words, one persons terrorist is another persons freedom fighter. It is not a simple matter of translation when the word to be defined is something like terrorism. There are many perspectives to consider morally, politically, and in terms of point of view. Some stress the psychological flaws of terrorist, flaws that attract them to a liveliness of violence. Others argue that terrorists are relatively free of psychiatric problems and become involved in terrorism because they perceive they have no other option for choice (Cleveland, 2004).Paterson and Brown define a just war as one which is not aggressive or preemptive, and, particularly in Brown, the author advocates the use of mediation rather than pressure in international affairs. The authors call for a re conceptualization of just war.noting that one must consider the use and impact of force in an international situation as a crisis reaction, and highlighting the dynamism and flux of the current world environment, in which force should be the last resort, not the first (Brown and Glass, 2004). I agree that a re conceptualization of just war is necessary, especially after the Iraq war. The US did not have any qualified and truthful

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