Monday, June 10, 2019

Enterprise Systems Assessment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Enterprise Systems Assessment - Essay Example89). In order to guess the correlation between Argos as a company and how it functions as an enterprise system, we will have to define some few terms and concepts. It is important to question out that SAP is constantly changing the SRM framework. More often than not it is introducing innovative concepts that are useful in arranging the components of SRM. Basically, there are trinity core concepts that we have to understand. They include, supply process, business scenarios within each key process, and fundamental technology constituents that are useful in enabling the business processes. It is expenditure noting that Argos have implemented each business scenario, with one or two SAP elements and there third party applications as they maybe required. An example is the supplier Enablement scenario is through empowering it with a number of underlying technological components. These components include, Supplier Self Service (SUS), Biller D irect, Enterprise Portal, and inventory Collaboration Hub (ICH). Argos stores all over the UK have achieved in implementing this business scenario (SAP.COM, 2013, p.1). Production Process at Argos SAP has defined three key supply processes that are involved in purchasing. These processes will jointly urinate the SAP SRM solutions. They include operational procurance, strategic sourcing, and supplier enablement. Operational Procurement In this section, we will be looking at the various business scenarios that Argos has been prosperous in implementing. We start with the self service procurement. When it comes to indirect procurement, it allows ones employees to create and manage their own obligation requests. This has been key in relieving its purchasing department the considerable administrative burden while ensuring at the same time that the procurement processing are faster and responsive. The next scenario is the plan driven procurement in any case known as the direct procure ment. This has been great at automating and streamlining the ordering processes for regularly needed important materials (SAP.COM, 2013, p.1). It is a known fact that SAP SRM has been integrated with planning, excogitation and the order processing systems. This has made it possible for Argos to link its procurement process with their plan driven strategy. This ensures that they get the materials they need for their key business while at the same time processing and delivering their clients request. Direct procurement does integrate flawlessly with most back end systems like enterprise planning and production. This scenario has given Argos procurement division a chance to integrate operational procurement with their existing supply chain management solution. The last scenario is the service procurement or as it is commonly known as the E-procurement. It has created many opportunities for Argos to save cots in their purchasing process. They have gone the extra mile of extending their cost saving measures like go given that this account for over 50 percent of their annual purchasing volumes. This scenario has provided services that have led to a reduction in labor costs, consulting, and charge and facility management. Strategic Sourcing After the 2008 world economic crisis, it is estimated that sourcing makes up for 75 percent of one saving on

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