Sunday, May 5, 2019

Advertising and Promotion ( MKTG420 Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4500 words

Advertising and Promotion ( MKTG420 - Assignment ExampleIt is of considerable importance to highlight that this technology propelled evolution has resulted in the process of global transformation, where the entire world is increasingly seen and represented as a easily connected single global entity.As a result of the technology based transformation of the globe, there has always been a continuous evolution of various kinds of globalization trends. The trends of globalization be emerging from only corners of the world and are increasingly getting diffused at a very rapid pace. It is elicit to state that the diffusion of trends is happening all over the world irrespective of the fact of whether the regions are regain in the developed or developing economies. The rapid diffusion of the trends of globalization is resulting in the process of times of many new types of consumer demands which are basically an outcome of new kinds of consumption habits as well as individual behaviour . It has to be stated that these new consumer demands are increasingly paving the way for a fundamental amount of business opportunity.Talking from a broad macroeconomic perspective, the economies of various countries around the world are witnessing significant fluctuation of performance more or less on a regular basis. speckle the credit crisis of the recent past has taken a serious toll in the performance of the European economies, the recent US shutdown has also impacted the performance capability of the worlds biggest marketplace in a very negative fashion. Also, the continued political crisis in some of the regions of the Middle due east has continued to mar the chances of growth and economic performance of those regions. In discussing the economic performance scenario of the Asian economies, it inevitably to be stated that the fluctuations in currency as well as market based unpredictability has continued to paint a gloomy picture as of the current times.

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