Wednesday, April 24, 2019

IT Strategy and Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

IT Strategy and Management - Essay ExampleThis translates to the process of evaluation in send to wee-wee the right personnel attending to it (Jenner & Kilford, 2011). Therefore, the planning includes preparation, startup, feasibility, definition and planning, implementation and closing down the computer design. With this in place, the programme manager deliberates on the right people to work on the programme.Programme manager is ruled to develop a definition of the programme. He is answerable for the timely delivery of the programme. This translates to proper coordination of the project at all stages. He has to ensure that every individual in the execution of the project delivers on his part. This involves coordinating with supervisors in order to have updates on the progress of the programme. The programme manager has to ensure that the programme is of the undeniable quality. All resources required for completion of the programme are on his hands.The sponsor is considered to be the most senior member of a programme. Therefore, the sponsor is mandated in authorizing a programme in regard to its intended purpose. Sponsor has also the mandate of appointing senior responsible owner who is responsible for representing the interest of the sponsor. In situations where the owner is not around, the senior responsible owner has to ensure that the programme goes as planned. He is responsible for approving several operations of the programme in the absence of the sponsor.

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