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History and Pros of Animal Testing Essay -- Biology Medical Biomedical

History and Pros of carnal Testing abductAnimal research refers to the engage of non-human animals for testing or investigateing on. The first put down use of animals for testing started with the Greeks in the third and fourth century BC. The use of animals for testing is usually in the basic fields of biomedical research, security, evaluation and education of a crossing. It is estimated that almost 50 million100 million animals are tested on and killed annually, but this is usually done to operate a product safer for humans.Part one HistoryThere has been no earlier reference to testing of animals, than in the writing of the Greeks. In intimately the third or fourth century BC, Aristotle (384-322 BC) and Erasistratus (304-258 BC) were two of the first to be recorded to test experiments on live animals. Also Galen, a second-century roman type physician was known as the father of vivisection, be brace he dissected pigs and goats. These were most of the first recorded events o f early animal testing.Animal testing has compete a major role in some of the most noteworthy experiments. For example in 1796, Edward Jenner used pus from a pox-infected cow to inject James Phipps against the wide spread virus, weakened pox. After Jenners discovery, small pox slowly declined no longer to be the main cause of morality in England. Another very well - known experiment using animal testing happened around the 1880s the germ scheme that Louis Pasteurdeveloped was tested out by giving Anthrax to a flock of sheep. (Wikipedia) Also in 1885, Pasteur invented vaccines for cholera and rabies by canvas animals. In 1922, insulin was isolated from bounders and afterwards helped advance the treatment of diabetes. Laika, a dog from Russia, on November 3,1957, b... ... is almost definite anyone would save the baby. (Of Cures and Creatures) This is the same situation as animal testing, would you rather save a person from an untested product thats poisonous or save a rat from existence tested with it?BibliographyAnimal testing. Wkipedia. 27 July 2006. Wikimedia Fondation, Inc. 20 July 2006.Center for Alternatives to Animal Testing. A CAAT Timeline 1981-2002.CAAT. 12 Feb. 2003. 22 July 2006 timeline.htm.BCC. Animal Experiments. Hot Topics. 17 Aug. 2004. 22 July 2006.ECheat. Animal Testing Pros and Cons. eCheat. 19 Apr. 2005. 22 July 2006.FRAME. the three rs. FRAME. 23 July 2006 3rsintro.htm.

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