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Gay Parenting Should Not Be Encouraged Essay -- Sociology Same Sex Mar

Gay Pargonnting Should Not Be EncouragedStatistics from the United States (ACLU concomitant sheet, 1999) estimate the there are between 6 and 14 gazillion children being embossed in same commove parent families. Whilst nigh significant advances have been made by the pro fearless parenting movement, occurrent legislation is for the most part geared against same sex espousals and adoption, this status quo should be maintained.Gay parents rights group argue that being raised by two parents of the same sex provides a balanced and rosy approach to parenting. This is untrue, being raised by risible parents means that the family social unit has an unbalanced ratio of male and female role models in the family unit environment, you could reasonably expect that this imbalance would spread into the parents circle of friends and the people that the family interact with on a regular basis. Children look for both a cause and a father and benefit from having both in the home. Ellis (2001) stated, Gender plays a large role...we may not think these differences are politically even off but, by God, theyre developmentally correct.One argument that gay parents have is that children dont motive two sex couple role models. Having two parents of the same sex deprives the children of the chance to see how males and females interact in a family situation. Even though gay parents argue the children are exposed to their fair share of tralatitious male and female relationships, these may be somewhat censored as the visiting child is not part of that family and most families tend to withhold certain things within the family. Parents are very strong role models and children are known to mimic what they see.Men and women parent contrastively, each contribute different and positive ... ...y.proquest.comhttp//gateway.proquest.comSchiffen, L. (2004, 29 Feb). How the judges forced the Presidents hand. New York Times. Retrieved Jul 30, 2004 from http//gateway.proquest .comThrockmorton, W. (2004). Do gay parents influence the Sexual Preferences of Children?. Retrieved Jul 30, 2004 from http//www.narth.com/docs/influence.htmlUnknown. (1999, Apr 6). Overview of gay and lesbian parenting, adoption and foster care. Retrieved Jul 30, 2004 from http//archive.aclu.org/issues/gay/parent.htmlUnknown. (2004). Facts and figures about kids with gay parents. Retrieved Jul 30, 2004 from http//www.colage.org/research/facts.html

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